FS Force 2 for FSX, FSX-SE, P3D & FSW


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(revision history)







   JAN 20, 2007 VERSION 2.00

- Initial release


   JAN 25, 2007 VERSION 2.01

- Fixed : Setup, FSForce and Profile Manager were unable to detect the FSX installation folder on some systems.


   FEB 25, 2007 VERSION 2.02

- Fixed : nag screen was still displaying even after activation

- Fixed : the gear buffeting effect was not playing after take-off in situations where the user had selected it to be active at all times.

- Fixed : the pavement groove effect was playing during water taxiing (amphibious aircraft).

- Fixed : if the pitot tube iced up, FS Force would read indicated airspeed as zero and set centering forces to zero.  Modifications included detecting pitot tube ice, and if present, computing IAS from true airspeed.

- Feature : Profile Manager now gives the user the choice whether FS Force should "Pause forces on FSX task switch".  This used to be hard coded in the On position. This can be found on the third tab.  Users who are in the habit of undocking secondary view windows (radio stack, etc) and moving them to another monitor should uncheck this option, otherwise forces will cut out when the focus moves to the secondary window.

- Fixed : Profile Manager was not looking in the Rotorcraft folder for new aircraft, and therefore no helicopters were showing up in the list.


   SEP 17, 2007 VERSION 2.03

- Fixed : Trim system modified for greater compatibility with addon aircraft that have their own autopilot system (eg. LevelD 767)

- Feature : support for multiple force feedback joysticks connected to a computer

- Feature : support for hardware trim wheels


   NOV 4, 2007 VERSION 2.04

- Fixed : issue with some aircraft not showing in Profile Manager

- Fixed : compatibility issue with FSX Acceleration.


   NOV 6, 2007 VERSION 2.05

- Fixed : gear effects were not working with FSX Acceleration.


   JUL 28, 2008 VERSION 2.06

- Added support for using the hat switch to make trim changes.


   SEP 28, 2008 VERSION 2.07

- Fixed various Vista incompatibilities.


   OCT 27, 2008 VERSION 2.08

- Addressed a number of reliability and usability issues.


   JAN 5, 2009 VERSION 2.09

- Made various improvements to ground effects to better support the Logitech Force 3D Pro and the Saitek Evo Force.


   JAN 24, 2009 VERSION 2.10

- More improvements similar to 2.09


   SEP 2, 2009 VERSION 2.11

- FS Force is now compatible with installations where the SimObjects folder tree is located outside of the FSX folder tree.


   OCT 2, 2009 VERSION

- Added stall buffeting and stick shaker forces.

- Fixed compatibility issue with airplanes that had a panel aliased to another airplane.

- Fixed compatibility  and documentation issues relating to the Logitech G940.

- "No trim gauge" message is now less intrusive.

- Modified program so braking forces work with rudder pedal/toe brake setups.

- Fixed issue in with brake forces not being generated when using toe brakes.

- Removed errant debug trace statements.


   OCT 19, 2011 VERSION

- Added support for Prepare3D (separate license required).

- Modified Profile Manager to not crash when no force feedback joystick is present.

- Modified Profile Manager so it doesn't try to modify .xml files or gauge files if a particular sim (FSX or P3D) is not installed.

- Made improvements to the setup program do deal with non-English versions of Windows.

- Made changes to the activation process. 

- Fixed bug in Profile Manager : it was showing error message on the program options page if only P3D was installed. 

- You can now program hotkeys to re-initialize / restart FS Force in flight. 

- Fixed bug affecting activation / software validation process. 

- Modified activation / software validation code to not require re-activation in situations where old hardware is being re-installed.  

- Fixed bug where activation would fail on some non-English versions of Windows.

- Upgraded to be compatible with P3D v2.

- Fixed bug that was affecting hardware verification.

- Profile Manager now shows you which versions of FS you have a license for.  (Look on the About tab)

- Made some changes to the Activation Wizard to make the web activation process a bit more clear.


   JAN 22, 2015 VERSION

- Added support for FSX Steam Edition.

- Addressed sim detection issues related to FSX and FSX-SE co-existence.

- Modifications to maintain compatibility with Windows XP.

- Fixed bug affecting activation and license verification in P3D v2.

- Feature : Flight Yoke Add-on Package.  This add-on includes Autopilot Follow and Aileron Remapping.  Applicable to Force Feedback flight yokes only (ie. Iris Dynamics).

- Feature : Added support for P3D v3.


   Oct 6, 2015 VERSION

- Feature : Added Input Relay feature, which is a work-around for a temporary issue with P3D v3.1.  The issue appears to be fixed in v3.2.  See here for more info.


   Apr 18, 2016 VERSION

- All settings can now be programmed from the Profile Manager user interface.  You no longer have to hand-edit the FSForce.cfg file.

- Controller assignments will no longer be invalidated if you plug or unplug a controller.

- The first point of a force graph is no longer restricted to 0,0. That means you could conceivably have a centering force active even at zero airspeed.

- See the What's New page for a complete description of these new features.


   Apr 22, 2016 VERSION

- Better support for installations where multiple game controllers might have the same name.


   May 2, 2016 VERSION

- All executables except FSForce.exe still showed version, even though they were the latest version. 


   May 3, 2016 VERSION

- Profile Manager / Trim Assignments - when scanning for button presses, ignore buttons that were down when the scan began. 


   May 4, 2016 VERSION

- Fixed a few bugs that could affect customers using P3Dv3.2 or greater, and who also have mulitple controllers. 


   May 30, 2016 VERSION

- Fixed a bug that caused the aileron axis to be unresponsive. 


   May 31, 2016 VERSION

- Issue fixed : run-away trim was being experienced when using the POV hat switch for trim.  This only affected P3Dv3.2 users.


   Jun 11, 2016 VERSION

- Modified the setup program to deal with .XML files that had inconsistent encodings.

- Modified Profile Manager to try to avoid crashes when the Saitek X52 / X55 is present.

- Flight Yoke Add-on package is now enabled while flying in the demo area (KSEA)


   Jun 24, 2016 VERSION

- Stability fixes relating to interop with other add-ons.


   Jul 16, 2016 VERSION

- Fixed : Profile Manager / Joystick Test was reporting "Unable to locate a force feedback joystick" when in fact a suitable FF joystick was connected to the system.


   Sep 19, 2016 VERSION

- Support for P3D 3.4

- Aileron nullzone is now set by user in Profile Manager, as opposed to being read in from Standard.xml

- The key / button used for braking is now programmed by the user in Profile Manager.  Brake pedals continue to be handled automatically using SimConnect events.


   Dec 29, 2016 VERSION

- Minor Bug fix


   May 31, 2017 VERSION

- Added support for P3D v4


   Jun 8, 2017 VERSION

- Bug fix: Profile Manager was not properly accounting for DLL file name of "fsforce_x64.dll" when detecting/setting launch modes


   Jun 23, 2017 VERSION

- Additional add-on aircraft can now specified by making special entries in FSFORCE.CFG.  See the Appendix C in Getting Started for more info.


   Oct 6, 2017 VERSION

- Fixed Reinitialize command.


   Nov 22, 2017 VERSION

- Fixed issue with installer.


   Jan 12, 2018 VERSION

- Added support for Flight Sim World


   Apr 23, 2020 VERSION

- Added support for P3D v5


   May 19, 2020 VERSION

- Installer: improved logging and exception handling







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