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 Still using my FFB2! Thanks to FSFORCE

By edwinc67 on 2023-04-1

FS Force experience: 8 Months

Controller : MS Force Feedbac 2

I cannot fly without FFB2. Thank you FSFORCE for putting this in MFS and Xplane!


 Learning to fly for real ? You need this

By Real.Pilot on 2023-02-24

FS Force experience: 14 Days

Controller : sidewinder 2

Real-world flying experience : 16 hrs

Aircraft types : Piper 28

Simply put, a must if you need feedback in your joystick to warn of stalls etc. This elevates FSX to new standards ! Essential for real world ppl training. Essential purchase for training and general enjoyment Excellent


 Outstanding software!

By Retnavycpo on 2020-06-27

FS Force experience: 20 Hours

Controller : G940

This add-on works great! It took me a little while to get things set up properly, but once I did, the software has worked flawlessly. Pete



By Mark on 2019-02-10

FS Force experience: 1 Years

Controller : MSFF2

Not working properly in P3Dv4.4. Strange behavior. Sometimes has forces sometime not. Sometimes forces are very big and change during flight. Mark


 Essential software for FFB

By StephaneS on 2018-10-29

FS Force experience: 8 Years

Controller : MSFF2

I love this software. Nice programming. Very easy to set up and use, works great, no complaints and no regrets. (P3Dv4.3 + Sidewinder Force Feedback 2)


 Got a force feedback controller? Get this!

By Louie on 2018-01-8

FS Force experience: 2 Years

Controller : MSFF2

Very easy to set up and use, works great, no complaints and no regrets.


 CANNOT live without FS FORCE

By Stan Pilok on 2017-12-5

FS Force experience: 4 Hours

Controller : Microsoft FF2

I was originally involved with Russell Dirks on the Pilot program for this wonderful program. I only fly with Microsoft FF2 joysticks, and have bought several others from Ebay because they are no longer made. I have tried other joysticks without force feedback and I cannot accept the lack of feeling in them. This program is the very best in making FF the way it was meant to feel. I look forward to additional updates as the years go on and I'm sure it will just get better and better. Even if it didn't change, I am a totally satisfied user and total advocate of the program. It is revolutionary to say the least. If you haven't tried it, you absolutely do NOT know what you are missing. Love it. Stan


 No stability in this product

By Marshall Hubbard on 2017-04-14

FS Force experience: 10 Months

Controller : MSFF2

The coding in this product is terrible. Whenever you take off it’s a surprise every time. Sometimes you have forces, sometimes you don’t. I have a Microsoft Sidewinder 2 which is one of the approved joysticks this program is suppose to be compatible with. I’m still waiting on the comparability. I have not seen it yet. This program has a mind of its own. When brought to the attention to the dev, he simply states that he knows the MSFFB2 joystick has issues with his program and he hasn’t found a solution (as if he were actually looking for one). Well if that’s the case, why doesn’t he state this in bold from the beginning so people with this joystick don’t shell out the cash for something that’s not FULLY compatible?


 I didn't think it could make such a difference

By Sunjunkiesi on 2017-04-14

FS Force experience: 4 Months

Controller : MSFF2

I really had no idea how good this would make FSX, but it totally changes how you feel the aircraft handle and work in your hands. It's truly magical.


 Essential for FS users

By Ellem on 2017-02-16

FS Force experience: 200 Hours

Controller : MS force feedback 2

You won't realise just how bad MSFS force feedback is until you try this add on. I wish I'd got this years ago now :(


 FS Forceback - Side Winder 2

By Richard Horne on 2016-12-4

FS Force experience: 20 Hours

Controller : MSFF2

Real-world flying experience : 5000 hrs

Aircraft types : B737

Installed program ran FSX, loaded profiles and can say the program ran great until the power supply on the joystick gave up the ghost (died). Tried connecting a separate 9Volt power supply to no avail. Joystick now only works on USB.


 A Force Feedback MUST HAVE

By pracines on 2016-12-2

FS Force experience: 6000 Hours

Controller : MSFF2

FS Force has configuration setting tweaks to suit any taste. The default presets for different aircraft types suit me just fine. I used FS-Force in FSX for years and more recently bought the P3D version as I fly in P3D now. FS Force does a very good job of making my Sidewinder FF2 feel correct for the situation. Hand flying and trimming is more true to life. I can't imagine not having FS Force, a true must have for Force Feedback controllers.


 Fs Force, P3Dv3, and the Iris Dragonfly = sim heaven

By JazzF on 2016-08-16

FS Force experience: 4 Months

Controller : Iris Dragonfly Yoke

Fs Force is a must have utility for those using a FFB stick, or yoke in conjunction with P3Dv3. Especially since LM removed the old force feedback feature from P3D. I have been using FS Force in P3Dv3.35 in combination with the Iris Dragonfly VR yoke and the Majestic Q400 without any problems. The weight /friction/damping effects, that are felt in the elevator/aileron axis' are superb. Flying the Q400 has become a job, like the real aircraft. Trimming has always been required in the Dash 8, but now it is even more important. Hand flying through turbulence means having to stay on your toes. As the aircraft gets bounced around, I love feeling the weight of the ailerons as I try to correct for the induced roll. . I only have 2 so called, sticking points; 1. the lack of any environmental effects being sent to the Iris yoke. 2. The fact that autopilot following only works on aircraft using the default, and very unrealistic autopilot. For this reason alone, I have yet to purchase the Flight Yoke extension. It is simply too expensive for an addon feature that I wouldn't be using, as I very rarely fly default based aircraft. Overall, a very good product, that delivers exactly what it says on the cover. I am thoroughly enjoying FS Force in combination with P3Dv3, and Majestic's Q400. Great work, Russel


 Must have plugin

By Zabuel on 2016-07-11

FS Force experience: 30 Hours

Controller : MSFF2

Hi, I love this add on. I Left my T16000 joystick to buy a sidewinder 2 especially in order to use this add-on and it's really great. I give it four stars (instead of five) because, in my opinion, it lacks the wind Management (what would be a real benefit). More over, it would be great to add a small section on the web site in order to share profiles (by aircraft) Config : - Prepar 3D v3.3 + SideWinder 2 + FsForce


 Great Program, but improvments can be made.

By Mats Pihlquist on 2016-04-9

FS Force experience: 2 Months

Controller : Logitech G940

Real-world flying experience : 77 hrs

Aircraft types : Hang gliders, Sailplanes

I really like the force feedback I get in the stick when I "put her down" on the runway. That you can edit it's strength, or take it away completely if you want, is very nice. The vibrations when you start to roll on the runway is another thing that really adds to the realism as well as when you put the landing gears out before landing. That you can edit it all, the way You, like it to be, gives you freedom in your force-feedback feeling. I wish that in the next patch, you add editable vibrations when you put out the speedbrakes since that would add even more realism to a great, ( for me now indispensable addon :) Also, if you add some editable movements in the stick from winds-turbulence like it is in FSX's force feedback, this program would be Perfect. Great Thanks Russel. Regards Mats Pihlquist.


 Works really nice

By bize on 2016-04-9

FS Force experience: 4 Months

Controller : G940

I use FSF with P3D v.3.2 and it just works fine. Especially I love the slight shake during gear up sequence on medium jets.


 Must have

By Dobrowod on 2016-04-9

FS Force experience: 150 Hours

Controller : Msff2

Using and msff2 joystick - everything from ultralight props to heavy jetliners performs great! Wish there was the same plugin for xplane. Xforce is missing some of the fsforce features like elevator drop on low speed/breaking. I'm 200% satisfied with fsforce :)


 If you have a FFB stick, FS Force is a must!

By stephan cote on 2016-04-8

FS Force experience: 150 Hours

Controller : MS ForceFeedback 2

Real-world flying experience : 5 hrs

Aircraft types : Small GA owned by friends

I ended up buying FS Force because there is no more official support for force feedback in the latest versions of Prepar3D. God I wish I had discovered FS Force before! This is a game changer. Extremly customisable yet very simple to use. My only two complains are that as far as I know, it does not completly support the simulated elavator weight when the engine is of and it does not hold my stick blocked when the control locks are in place in the sim. Other than that, Perfect FFB driver/program, GOOD JOB guys!



By on 2016-04-5

FS Force experience: 30 Hours

Controller : Microsoft FFB 2 pro

When I went to steam for FSX for some reason I lost force feedback ....probably my own fault but because of your program I have gained greater use of forces and enjoy this program very much. I would say that simmers should use it. JohnnyA .


 Essential for FSX

By Mark Hurst on 2016-03-24

FS Force experience: 14 Days

Controller : Iris Dynamics Dragonfly yoke

Real-world flying experience : 100 hrs

Aircraft types : Cessna 152/172

Recently purchased for use with an Iris yoke. Pros are: appears fairly robust, very flexible mapping of forces v speed, acceptable ground effects, overall configurability is very good, tailoring for individual aircraft is also great. Support forum was helpful on the issues I raised. Cons are: no weather effects, clunky/incomplete user interface (and the need to edit cfg file to set up key features), sketchy documentation. If this was being actively developed I would not gripe at the price, but the forum shows responses to feature requests along the lines of 'when I have time', etc. This doesn't seem fair for a $60 product (you pay extra for yoke functions) and a whole re-purchase for P3D. [Editor's Note: FS Force costs $34.95, and the Yoke Add-on Package costs $25.00. Existing customers can purchase a license for P3D for $14.95.] All that said, it's essential for FSX and I am not aware of any alternatives. You can find my detailed review with the iris Dragonfly yoke on the Almost Aviation YouTube channel (


 awesome software for g940 logitech !

By peworldsp on 2016-03-11

FS Force experience: 3 Years

Controller : G940 LOGITECH

This is a jealoussss soft, forces are perfect on LOGITECH G940. Prepar3d v3.2


 Works Fine In P3Dv3

By Fleahead on 2016-02-8

FS Force experience: 4 Months

Controller : Modified Sidewinder

Great product and I've only had to contact support once and that was just to ask a question, but the response was quick. This is not advertised as a chopper specific product, but it works fine with my Dodosim Bell 260. However, I wish there were more options to replicate some of the helo vibrations.


 This add on is one of the best

By Shafs on 2016-02-6

FS Force experience: 10 Years

Controller : Msff2

Real-world flying experience : 200 hrs

Aircraft types : C172

I have been using this addon for flight sim for years. I use the Microsoft force feed back 2 and it works great. Every time I have to do a full install of the sim or upgrade my PC this is one of the first programs I install



By David John on 2016-02-2

FS Force experience: 20 Hours

Controller : MSFF2

Real-world flying experience : 50 hrs

Aircraft types : Gliders

I hardly ever write reviews for stuff, but in this case it would just be churlish not to give Russel due praise for his excellent add-on. Flight now feels much more realistic, but without feeling 'overdone'. I'm a glider pilot, and use FSX mainly to keep my hand in when weather isn't flyable. I'd never go back to regular feedback. Well done Russel.


 fs force2 manette gaz folle

By Kiki on 2015-12-2

FS Force experience: 10

Controller : MSFF2

Real-world flying experience : 360 hrs

Aircraft types : C152, C172, PA28,PA38 etc..

La manette des gaz passe sans arret de plein gaz a gaz nul.Impilotable ! (Seulement avec P3D v3 !)


 Abosutely must have!

By dgorozhankin on 2015-11-24

FS Force experience: 2 Years

Controller : G940

This is an absolutely must have for a force feedback joystick! I can't even think about not having the FS Force after I tried the software, purchased the license and got used to it. It adds a lot of realism and highly configurable. Folks, I will highly recommend this software to anybody! Thank you, Russel!


 As real as it gets (well one step closer)

By Triplemurray on 2015-11-24

FS Force experience: 1 Years

Controller : MSFF2

Fantastic product, easy to use and easy to set up. Changed my flying experience for the better, I cant imagine I could use FSX without it now. Adds a level of realism I didn't know I was missing.


 Great software (2bad license not working for P3D)

By Randy on 2015-11-22

FS Force experience: 999 Hours

Controller : G940

I have used this for my FSX. It really 2bad that my FSX license does not work for P3D. While P3D is not that different from FSX. And to pay full license again is a bit weird, so im not going to do that. Im leaving the software. But for other people who are considering to buy for the first time. DO IT :) [Editor's Note: existing customers can purchase the P3D license at 60% discount.]


 Very good piece of software

By Philippe on 2015-11-19

FS Force experience: 8 Months

Controller : MSFF2

I know FsForce since V1 release and it was good. The V2 is a big improvement. Forces experienced when taxing, take of or flying are impressive compared with the default forces provided by my MS SideWinder FF2 joystick. Works with P3D V3



By kiki on 2015-11-18

FS Force experience: 120 Hours

Controller : MSFF2

Real-world flying experience : 300 hrs

Aircraft types : PA28 C172 Jodel etc...

Bonjour Super produit merci Ne fonctionne pas avec prepar3d v3 Un Grand Merci Russel A+ Christian


 Added realism

By cfdog on 2015-11-14

FS Force experience: 8 Months

Controller : Iris Dynamics

Added Realism is what you are going to get with these products. Russel was supportive to me when I was setting up the software/Iris Dynamics Yoke . Looking forward to even more advancements in the Fs Force FFB software,((flight following for A2A--environment effects on yoke). I could not go back to a non FFB yoke now. Good Job ,Thank you Russel


 A Required Product

By Terrydew on 2015-11-13

FS Force experience: 6 Months

Controller : Iris Yoke

If you have a force feedback joystick or yoke, FsForce is an absolute requirement. Particularly if you are using Prepar3d V3 which eliminated the old fsx force feedback option. FsForce is 1000 times better anyway. Support is responsive and timely.


 Great product & great support

By Gordon H on 2015-11-13

FS Force experience: 6 Months

Controller : Iris Dynamics Yoke

Absolutely essential app for my Iris Dynamics control loading yoke. I initially had a few teething issues getting it all setup for the first time, but Russel was excellent and provided all the support required to get me sorted.


 Must-have for FFB

By Oliver on 2015-11-13

FS Force experience: 6 Years

Controller : MSFF2

This is a must-have for any FFB device. Just the realism of the trim system is worth it, plus the feel for aircraft speed, and all the other effects. Everything is fully customizable per indivual airplanes/profiles (actually also a "dead" stick with constant centering forces, e.g. for FBW systems, can be modelled - and still the forces are faster and more reactive than in-sim FFB). I use it since many years with a MS Sidewinder 2 FFB stick, initially in FSX and now in P3DV3 - without any problem ever. There is no way I would ever again fly without it or with a spring loaded joystick (as long as I can get hold of a FFB joystick). Absolutely recommended! Best regards, Oliver


 A Real Must

By Giorgio Go0ggi on 2015-11-12

FS Force experience: 2 Months

Controller : MSFF2

Real-world flying experience : 300 hrs

Aircraft types : Gliders

Works like a charm (FSX-SE), I simply could not fly without it. Super support. I shall gladly purchase the appropriate license as soon as I shall move to P3D. Giorgio Goggi


 Good product first rate support

By Brian S on 2015-11-12

FS Force experience: 1 Months

Controller : MSFF2

Real-world flying experience : 300 hrs

Aircraft types : Cessna, Piper, Alpha etc

Great improvement on native ffb support, does work on p3d all versions including v3 which has no ffb support at present. Great support from Russel Dirks, always gets straight back to you.



By Jeff Schallenberg on 2015-11-12

FS Force experience: 4 Years

Controller : MSFF2

FS Force is the FIRST thing I re-install after a re-install of FSX or a migration to P3D or Steam Edition. It's absolutely essential to the realism of the simulator.


 Well worth it

By DylanM on 2015-11-11

FS Force experience: 3 Years

Controller : G940

The weight and effects are much more realistically modelled than any of the default forces - well done Dirks (and hope you keep up development). And contrary to the review below, it works just fine for me in P3D V3 (the force effects are broken oob, and FSForce added them back in).


 works like a charm

By dahunn on 2015-11-11

FS Force experience: 10 Hours

Controller : MSFF2

program is a bit expensive but it works like a charm.


 Not working on p3d v3

By Aviator on 2015-11-10

FS Force experience: 1 Hours

Controller : MFF

Real-world flying experience : 250 hrs

Aircraft types : All

Just not working on p3d v3.. DylanM give it a try with q400. Controls plus throttle is on and off all the time. I didn't ask refund with the hope they will fix it one day. Plus they want extra payment for yoke option's to be activated? Suuure.. I find that later.To bad for me..






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