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Profile Manager

All of the various forces described in the previous sections are set and configured using the Profile Manager -- a small utility program that comes with FS Force.  Each airplane in FSX can be assigned a profile, which is a group of settings that control what kind of force feedback effects Profile Assignments you will feel when you fly that aircraft.  In figure one you can see the profile assignments page, which lists each airplane in your system, and the profile that has been assigned to it.

FS Force comes with a number of predefined profiles, such as "Light GA", "Business Jet", "Jet Heavy", and others.  You can modify these profiles if you wish, or create new ones to your liking.

For a full description of the various force feedback effects you can configure in a profile, click here to view the online help documentation.

Customer Feedback

An absolutely essential add-on for any simmer in my view. It has enhanced the realism of my flightsim experience a great deal. The fact that I can adjust all the settings for each profile means I can get just what I want out of it.  Overall I have no complaints.  Many thanks for an excellent product!

Andy S.





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