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Jay 3D
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Aerofly FS2

Post by Jay 3D » Sun Dec 25, 2016 4:40 pm

Hi Russ

I only recently came across the demo of your software and I love it. It makes great improvements over default P3D force output so thank you for that.
As a passionate PC pilot I always wanted to get my hands on a proper FF yoke. Unfortunately the price of these toys is way above what most of us can afford therefore I decided to build one my self and share it with the community once it's done. This project will be very easy to build as most of the parts are 3D printed and it is using electronics from legendary MS Sidewinder FF2 which is naturally supported by FS Force.

Now back to the tittle of this topic. I'm pretty sure that you are familiar with Aerofly FS2. I was following this project from day 1 and since it supports VR headsets, the community around this "recreational" sim is growing very fast.
Although in it's early access, IPACS team behind AFFS2 is very responsive and I believe they are taking it down the right path.
However these guys don't believe that there is a Force Feedback yoke good enough in terms of realism to make it worth the effort and program feedback features into the sim.
Well I as well as many other pilots disagree at this point as I think Force feedback for this sim would be awesome feature and that is exactly why I'm writing this post.
Few days ago IPACS released theirs SDK to the public use. There are already some big names involved in add on development so I was wondering if you also could look into this and consider expansion of your FS force program.
The SDK allows us (alongside many other features) to "Read simulation data from Aerofly and send commands back in using a Windows DLL".
Full artcle on the SDK can be found here: ... 3404074588

Thank you for your contribution so far and wish you all Marry Christmas..

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Re: Aerofly FS2

Post by tutmeister » Sun Jan 08, 2017 2:24 am

Hi Russ

I've been using ffb with fsx and prepar3d for a few years and don't fly without it now as it really changed things for me. Now having tried fs2 there are elements to the flight model that are way ahead of esp based offerings(not all third party aircraft but certainly a lot). I think this has got some potential to be a serious sim. I just wanted to throw my support in as well! If ipacs don't natively support ffb then I'd be a return customer for you! I don't even know if it is viable but they have just released the sdk.


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Re: Aerofly FS2

Post by flychuck » Sun Jan 29, 2017 8:58 pm

+1, would definitely buy.

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